The best tool to collect and remove pet and human
hair from: carpets/rugs, fabric, covers/sheets,
beds and similar (some type of horseback covers)

Product description and function

LeBRUSH™, is a new, patented, multifunctional home cleaning tool, specifically designed for quick and efficient pet (and human) hair pick-up / removal from carpets, rugs fabrics, sheets and covers. Multiple features and application, specifically designed for removing deeply embedded per hair easily and quickly from large surfaces. LeBRUSH™ has two sides (special slicker brush & lint) for cleaning different types surfaces: can be used in hand with a small handle, attached as a head to a 4-piece joint handle (included in the packaging) or as a vacuum nozzle via its adaptors if used with a tube vacuum. Hair always stays on LeBRUSH™, doesn’t clog the vacuum, fill its bags. LeBRUSH™ saves time, effort, money and prevents pet hair damaging vacuums and washing machine.

Target buyer: cat & dog owners / households struggling with pet or human hair cleaning and especially with removing deeply embedded pet hair. Achieves best results before normal vacuuming.

Key Selling Benefits

  • triple feature: slicker brush, lint, vacuuming option for pet (human) hair removal
  • triple application: use in hand (with short handle), with attached joint handle or as vacuum nozzle via its adaptor
  • can be used on most types of carpets, rugs, fabrics, removing deeply embedded pet and human hair, and other dirt
  • must-have for pets lovers who struggle with shedding and hair cleanup
  • fits 3 sales segments: pet products, home cleaning, vacuum appliances and multiple sales channels
  • demonstrates extremely well
  • new, innovative, patented internationally, high-quality product
  • possibly reduces allergies, quality, ‘green’ product, creates no by-products

Color box packaging includes:

  • set of LeBRUSH™ (with or without adapter for vacuuming)
  • 4-piece joint handle (to assemble)
  • small comb to easily remove collected hair from both sides
  • 1 extra cap to use small handle (for comfortable use in hand)