The best tool to collect and remove pet and human
hair from: carpets/rugs, fabric, covers/sheets,
beds and similar (some type of horseback covers)

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Don’t change your environment – change the way you clean!

You love having your pets at home but hate the shedding and cleaning hassle?

You think there is no true solution for pet hair pick-up? The vacuuming just won’t work?

You already picked up all your carpets to avoid the hair mess or worse, already banned your best friend from inside to keep your home clean?

Or , you’d love to but don’t want to get a cat or dog because you think your home will no longer be free of pet hair?

Don’t change your environment – change the way you clean!

No more need to struggle, you finally found the solution to effectively and easily remove your pets’ hair from carpets, rugs sheets, covers, upholstery – LeBRUSH™ is the cleaning solution for a clean home with pets! Cats or dogs, or both? – or anything ‘furry’ that makes a mess at home? Or trouble picking up human hair? – No problem! Start using LeBRUSH™!

LeBRUSH™ is a must-have for pet lovers who struggle with shedding and cleaning. Dogs and cats will always lose hair, no matter how much they are groomed – the cleaning is all you need to change - LeBRUSH™ is the solution.

Pet hair is a special kind of dirt problem and not easy to remove because they are sticky and get easily embedded. Vacuuming is not the most efficient way to pick up hair, especially as hair can cause clogging and machine damage and also fills up expensive vacuum bags fast. LeBRUSH™ will help to clean up the bulk pet hair, also from the carpet fibers, and allow vacuuming the ‘general’ dirt.