The best tool to collect and remove pet and human
hair from: carpets/rugs, fabric, covers/sheets,
beds and similar (some type of horseback covers)


Less hair in the vacuum cleaners!

PATENTED LeBRUSH™ – FOR YOUR COMFORT AND A CLEAN HOME! Also use LeBRUSH™ before vacuum cleaning!

Why use LeBRUSH™?

  • Less work to clean up pet hair – and allergies may be less likely
  • Clean more quickly and hygienically
  • Use less vacuum bags/filters for vacuum cleaning - save money
  • Prevents damages in vacuums and washing machines soiled by pet hair
  • Easy to use on large and multiple surfaces
  • Enjoy more and pleasant times with your pets!

What to use it for?

LeBRUSH™ is an efficient cleaning tool for removing pet and human hair from different types of carpets, rugs, blankets, sheets, upholstery, covers where hair usually gets embedded, stuck (also from some types of horseback covers).

Which side to use? How does it work?

Use the wire bristle side of LeBRUSH™ to remove hair deeply embedded within carpet fibers and fabrics while it also loosens up dust settled at the bottom. Attention: do not use the wire bristle side for thick, knotted (thread) carpets, or on a surface where the brush could get stuck in the looped material.
Use the lint side of LeBRUSH™ for knotted (eg. boucle) carpets, blankets and on surfaces where the wire bristles would get stuck or cause damage. This side can be used on any fabric, textile surface for efficient cleaning.
Using either side of LeBRUSH™, the collected hair will always stay on the brush!

Will the carpet be damaged from the wire bristles during use?

No, because depending on the type of carpet/surface to clean, you will select the appropriate side to use, either the wire bristles or for knotted, more sensitive surfaces the red velvet-like side. Make sure the plastic protected wire bristles are used on surfaces where it doesn’t get stuck in the fabric/loops. Consider the alignment of the fibers for more efficient use – you will feel when LeBRUSH™ glides easily through the surfaces, this is when use is optimized.

When to use it with a handle and when with a vacuum cleaner?

Decide as your cleaning needs and habits require! If you need to clean several times a day (because your dogs or cats are shedding...) it would be more best with the handle (quick, easy use), but if the hair is deeply embedded between the fibers, it may be better to use with the vacuum cleaner, attached as a head, as it also collects dust stuck at the bottom.

Why doesn’t the pet hair get into the vacuum bag?

Because LeBRUSH™ is designed in such a way, this is intentionally so to avoid any clotting and damage in the machine.

Can I use LeBRUSH™ instead of a vacuum cleaner? No more need to vacuum clean?

LeBRUSH™ was not designed to replace vacuuming generally, but specifically to collect the dust loosened up during the collecting hair from the carpets, fabrics, and is not replace vacuum cleaning! The special design of LeBRUSH™ allows a side-suction of air and dust, whilst the pet hair is collected on the brush itself.

For larger amount of dust loosened up during the use of LeBRUSH™, apply the vacuum cleaner.

What is the small enclosed comb for?

The enclosed small comb is to help remove the hair easily from the brush, instead of having to use your fingers. Use the comb to brush out the collected hair from the wire bristle side, and use the flat side (make it a little wet, even easier then) of the comb for the velvet-like side, pulling in the direction of the fiber alignment. Use it if you don’t want to remove the hair from the brush by hand.

Why is the head/junction of LeBRUSH™ not flexible? Can I clean underneath furniture?

LeBRUSH™ needs to be very firm and not flexible so the brush body can fully touch with the surface of the material being cleaned. This is also necessary for use with the vacuum cleaner to ensure maximum performance. If you wish to clean a surface underneath a furniture, please make the area free to access.

What are the different adaptors for?

The adaptors are to help you fix the handle/vacuum tube more firmly with the brush ensuring an even better, more stable performance during use. See enclosed user manual for application.

Can LeBRUSH™ be used on stone, wood – similar surfaces?

No, LeBRUSH™ was not designed for such surfaces but exclusively for removing pet or human hair from carpets, rugs, sheets, fabrics and similar materials.