The best tool to collect and remove pet and human
hair from: carpets/rugs, fabric, covers/sheets,
beds and similar (some type of horseback covers)

The story behind LeBRUSH™

Zinaida with Bora

We, the inventors of LeBRUSH™, two Hungarian ladies (mother & daughter), are pet lovers and had dogs throughout our lives. To us, they are family too.. We always had 2 or more dogs, and of course mainly inside the house. It happened, that we ended up having a little family of dogs (Akita Inus), mother, father, their puppies – who all wanted to be part of the family – inside the house of course.. So… the never ending and always lost battle against hair in the house escalated ... and the frustration over cleaning that there is no product that really does the job.

Over the years, it took enormous effort, time and money to try keep the house clean, having three large-breed, long-haired dogs which shed a lot. It was especially costly having to buy expensive vacuum bags, refills, and even if they had no bags, fixing the clotted, broken machines, and changing them when completely broke. Washing machines don’t like pet hair either... As we faced the daily hassle of dog hair everywhere, it was natural we started experimenting searching for a real – efficient, time and money saving - solution to pet hair clean-up.

Creation of LeBRUSH™

Gyöngyi with Csendi

LeBRUSH™ was created after years of hard work, dedication, research and testing, aiming to develop a user friendly and cost effective tool for pet hair removal. The time and effort was worthwhile. LeBRUSH™ is a patented, multifunctional cleaning tool, developed over years from hands-on testing and experience, knowing too well what hair does to carpets, rugs, textiles, sheets, covers, things our pets love to use too.,. LeBRUSH™ became a multifunctional tool which not only collects and removes pet hair from these surfaces, but also from deep within fibres as it gets easily embedded– mainly carpets and fabrics. We successfully patented the technical know-how and idea in the USA, Canada, EU, China, Japan and in other countries which recognizes its novelty and efficiency. In Cooperation with us, P.V. Brand Corporation Ltd. based in Hong Kong manages production, and global distribution rights of LeBRUSH™ pet hair cleanup brush. (The ISO certified factory in mainland China - also manufacturing for recognized international brands - undertaking regular quality checks)

We partnered with , P.V. Brand Corporation Ltd. to manufacture LeBRUSH™ and take it to the global markets.

Developed by pet lovers - for pet lovers and clean homes.